Mulled wine

Difficulty 1/5

I loooove mulled wine. The first time I discovered it I was in Prague with thermal sensation of -11°C and believe me when I say I was endlessly thankful for its heat. However, besides warming up my hands and making a small heat source in my stomach, I loved how it tasted! It’s sweet and with lots of complex flavours: cinnamon, star anise, cloves, orange, lemon… too yummy! It might look a bit anticlimatic if you live in a place where it’s summer right now, but my new fantasy is to have this in a cold camping night at the beach or in a terrace 😀 Continue reading Mulled wine

Roasted vegetables, smoked salmon, poached egg and crunchy quinoa

Difficulty 2/5

To tell you the truth, the only reason why I mark this as a 2/5 difficulty is because of the poached egg, that can be tricky at first. Other than that, it’s super easy and an ideal recipe for you to experiment on and vary as many things as you like, so you use whatever you have in the fridge. The veggies go into the oven with olive oil that we first infuse with rosemary, saffron and garlic, then it’s just a matter of cooking them in the oven. Just buy a pretty smoked salmon and practice that poached egg so you can use it for many other things. And if you’re too scared of poaching the egg, you can cook a hard-boiled egg or have it cooked midway. Finally, I’m going to teach you how to toast quinoa! What? Toast quinoa? Yes! It’s AMAZING and once you have it you’ll add it to everything: salads, yogurts, fruits, etc. Also, if you’re like me, you’ll loooove that triangles tea towel in the picture, so I’ll leave the link from where I bought it: Colas Home. This girl is super talented and has lots of other home accessories and they’re all pretty. Continue reading Roasted vegetables, smoked salmon, poached egg and crunchy quinoa

Easy & tasty cous cous salad

Difficulty 1/5

It’s been a while since I’ve been a cous cous fan. But to be honest, I had never cooked it before! So the last few weeks I’ve experimented on it, and I have to say that I just love the way it works around salad ingredients. It’s completely different from quinoa, which adds even more options for you. And in addition to all of this, it’s extremely easy to cook! You just pour boiling liquid on it (in this case water, but it could also be stock) and let it absorb it. Done! So easy. So here goes my version for a cous cous salad. Continue reading Easy & tasty cous cous salad

Rice Pudding

Difficulty 1/5

Last week I had over some friends and cooked ají de gallina and for dessert rice pudding. So there are many versions of rice pudding around the world, this is the one I’m used to and what we eat in Peru. I really love it, it’s sweet and has really good texture! Also love the cinnamon and clove aroma it has while cooking, it takes me back several years! Hope you enjoy it!

Continue reading Rice Pudding