30min Raisin scones

Difficulty 1/5

I’ve been living in England for more than a year now and one of the things I love the most is its tea times. I think the idea of eating small pies, pastries, sandwiches and … SCONES in the middle of the afternoon is a brilliant idea. And all this accompanied by a lovely tea. So yeah, I had to do a scone recipe, and this one takes only 30min. I’ve eaten a whole bunch and this one is really nice because even if it’s crumbly (as it should) it’s not dry but nicely moist in the middle, which I achieved on the second try of the recipe after some tweaks. Also, I love the sweetness of the raisins in this dough, but they are completely optional 😉 Continue reading 30min Raisin scones

Apple and tea cake

Difficulty 1/5

This cake is tea time’s best friend ever. It has apple inside the batter as well as on top, and not to mention that tea is actually an ingredient. It’s amazingly moist and tasty, and will make a great companion for a rustic meal or any teatime whatsoever. It’s also very easy, it just takes a bit of patience in the oven as it takes some time to bake, but the wait is absolutely worth it. The smell that comes out when it’s in the oven makes you want to eat it half-raw ❤

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Lemon & blueberry bundt cake

Difficulty 1/5

This recipe is really easy, extremely moist, sweet, and lemony. It’s so good that it lasted less than a day in my house (we’re only 4 here… and I didn’t eat any!). I promise you will treasure this recipe for ever. You can even make changes to it to make whole new recipes: add nuts, change the fruits, sprinkle icing sugar instead of a glaze, etc! There’s no limit 🙂

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Tangerine drizzle cake

Difficulty 1/5 

Tangerines are amazing, they are sweet and sour, juicy and packed with flavour. So of course, they are a great option as a main ingredient to a cake :). Because we soak it in the end with tangerine juice with some lemon juice as well, it is almost like biting into a tangerine! It’s perfect to eat with a coffee or tea.

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