Roasted sweet potatoes with honey and balsamic

Difficulty 1/5

These roasted sweet potatoes are amazingly easy and sooo tasty! It’s a nice alternative to mashed sweet potatoes in the christmas table. They’re sweet and yet the balsamic creates a nice balance. They also have spices so they do have a strong christmas feel to them 🙂 Hope you enjoy them! Continue reading Roasted sweet potatoes with honey and balsamic

Sweet potato gnocchi

Difficulty 3/5

First of all, I’m really sorry I haven’t posted any recipes lately, but I was extremely busy on my last term at school. Howeeeever I’m compensating with a really nice recipe. Gnocchi are really nice, agreed? Agreed. And so I bring you my recipe for sweet potato gnocchi, which are not only soft and indulgent as the potato ones, but also they’re nice and sweet. I used yellow sweet potato but you’re welcome to use any type you like :). The sauce is browned butter (“beurre noisette” in nice french) with toasted ground walnuts, chopped black olives, slices of basil and reduced balsamic vinegar… YUM!!! Continue reading Sweet potato gnocchi

Christmas Special: The Sweet Potato

Difficulty 1/5

As long as I can remember sweet potatoes have been present in my Christmas dinner, usually in the form of a casserole where they were made into a puree and then topped with marshmallows that were then golden in the oven. Even though I love this version, I have to say they have me pretty bored so I decided to give the recipe a twist. Here we have slices of sweet potatoes, cooked in the oven in chicken stock and topped with butter for a nice glaze on top. YUM!!!!

Continue reading Christmas Special: The Sweet Potato