Butternut squash pesto pasta bake

Dificultad 1/5

I love pesto and butternut squash, and the other day I was thinking that if people make pesto out of tomatoes, why not make it out of butternut squash? I had in my kitchen this butternut squash which is slightly sweetier and nuttier than regular squash or pumpkin, so I decided to try it and it was AMAZING! I fell in love immediately. The result is soft, creamy, sweet, really nice. Use it with your pastas or why not some gnocchi. When making your pasta choice for baking, prefer ones with holes (like penne or shells) or ones with texture like the rigatoni I chose. This way they will catch the sauce 🙂 Continue reading Butternut squash pesto pasta bake

Butternut squash soup

Difficulty 1/5

It’s autumn, it’s getting chilly, days are darker,  you might even be down with a cold.. don’t you just fancy soup all the time? Me too! One of my favs is butternut squash soup because it’s really nice and sweet and the texture you get from it is really heart-warming too. Just to give it a twist I added some basil strings, some toasted nuts and parmesan cheese because WHY NOT! And to enhance a bit more the flavours, the soup also contains some leek (much softer than the other option: onion) and carrot to enhance the sweetness in the squash.

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