Salmon and spinach lasagna

Difficulty 1/5

I loved this lasagna! The salmon is very delicate and goes amazing with the spinach. Also, for the bechamel sauce we first infused the milk with rosemary, so that the filling then has this light scent of rosemary that goes great with the salmon. It’s really easy to make and it’s quite different from your everyday lasagna. Continue reading Salmon and spinach lasagna

Cream of mushrooms

Difficulty 1/5

I looooove mushrooms! I like them with pasta, in sadwiches, with eggs, pan fried, baked, stuffed… I could continue! But I specially love cream of mushrooms. This time I used white button, shitake and portobello. What’s nice about this mix is that the first are really mild and the others have a much more concentrated flavour. The combination is amazing, and it’s even better when cooked with rosemary. ¡Yummy! Continue reading Cream of mushrooms

Creamy chicken with wine and rosemary

Difficulty: 1/5

With this recipe you’ll run out of excuses to cook something delicious, and you deserve it, too! It takes 20min and it’s guaranteed to make you flip. It’s really tasty and aromatic and goes amazing with white rice that gets soaked in the sauce… wow, I want to eat it all over again! So now you know, time is no longer a limit. Continue reading Creamy chicken with wine and rosemary