Sausage and apple stuffing

Difficulty 1/5

In general I’m not a fan of stuffing. It bothers me that it’s all watery, and to be honest I don’t think it’s very hygenic to cook it inside the turkey because it will reach a safe temperature after the turkey does, so you either overcook the turkey or eat unsafe stuffing. I just don’t fancy it. Howeeeeever, I recently discovered that there are people who cook it apart, I think they call it “dressing”, and so I thought I would give it a try, and I LOVED IT! I ate it and thought “now we’re talking!” The sausage I bought is very neutral because we’re using the meat inside which goes amazing with the apples (Granny Smith and Pink Lady) and the toasted baguette. Continue reading Sausage and apple stuffing

Pork loin stuffed with pecans and mushrooms sauce

Difficulty 3/5

This pork recipe is really tasty! The only difficult part and the only reason this recipe is 3/5 is the filling of the pork loin, but it’s worth it to learn how to do it. Once you ge tthe hang of it, you can use it to stuff different things and it’s very useful. The mushroom sauce goes amazing with it, and with some rice to soak in it, it’s just a dream come true. Continue reading Pork loin stuffed with pecans and mushrooms sauce

Sage and honey glaze pork chops with creamy mash

Difficulty: 1/5

I’m not sure what it is about pork chops, but they dazzle me. I see it on any menu and I’m like “hmmmm yes… pork chops!”. So here goes a really easy, fast recipe you can do at home but it also is extremely flavourful. Apples and pork go really well together (no wonder we always see this image of a whole-cooked pork with an apple in its mouth), and so this glaze with apple cider vinegar and honey, with actual green apple cubes is quite amazing. The creamy mashed potatoes is just the perfect companion for this dish. Here goes the recipe 🙂

Continue reading Sage and honey glaze pork chops with creamy mash