Passion fruit and physalis ceviche

Difficulty 2/5

This really is not officially ceviche, but “tiradito”. The difference is in the way the fish is cut. If it’s in cubes, it’s a ceviche, and if it’s laminated it’s a tiradito. So now you know :). I really like this recipe because it’s very fresh, it has an amazing level of acidity and I just love how the physalis complements the passion fruit. Also those basil leaves give a really nice touch to a bite. The only difficult part really is to laminate the fish. You will need a really sharp knife and slow, continuous movements to achieve a perfect cut ­čÖé And if you think you can’t handle it, you can always dice up the fish and actually make ceviche. Continue reading Passion fruit and physalis ceviche

“Suspiro de lime├▒a” or sigh of a woman from Lima

Difficulty 2/5

After sighing all night, I give you this classic and delicious recipe of “suspiro de lime├▒a”. This is a typical peruvian dessert, specifically from Lima, made of a caramel of sorts at the bottom (like a light dulce de leche) topped with port-flavoured meringue. It’s impossible not to have at least one spoonful, and will specially captivate those with a sweet tooth. It’s called a sigh of a woman from Lima since it’s supposed to be as sweet as soft as one. You get the picture, we girls from Lima are amazing ;). Also, it’s really good that it needs to be stored in the fridge so that you can make the bottom the day before and then just finish with the meringue the day after. Continue reading “Suspiro de lime├▒a” or sigh of a woman from Lima

Roasted Silverside empanadas with avocado and cheese

Difficulty 2/5

Ever since I was little this beef stew has been a CLASSIC dish at my peruvian home. Homemade stew, made with love, for a Sunday lunch with the family. Meat that falls appart, with a sauce that goes SO nicely with rice, and usually with sweet potato on the side. But it’s so nice that I don’t get why it’s usually considered an average dish, it’s just because us peruvians are used to consider it a dish only to be eaten at home. I made the stew the night before my dinner and then the next day I did the dough that I got from Gaston Acurio’s Facebook, cut the cheese and avocado and that’s it! Into the oven ­čśÇ Continue reading Roasted Silverside empanadas with avocado and cheese

Peruvian Pisco Cocktails

It’s Per├║’s independence day yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Pisco is our signature drink and it’s super versatile! I love using it to flamb├ę food, to make certain desserts and of course to drink! Today I give you a mini post showing you different drinks you can make to indulge the peruvian in you: raspberry and blueberry mojito, a classic lemon “chilcano” and finally a passion fruit pisco sour. Give them all to me in a jug any day ;). Viva el Per├║! Continue reading Peruvian Pisco Cocktails

Give me some Ceviche!

Difficulty 1/5

SO! I’m Peruvian and extremely proud of it too (as I write this my hand is on my heart)! And so, ceviches are one of the dishes (of our many many many dishes) that we’re really proud of. This one is really close to the original version, I do twist it a bit but I really love it and I hope you do too. Peruvians in general are very secretive about their recipes, but I believe, along with a new stream of chefs from Per├║, that good recipes, as well as good food, are meant to be shared, and so here it goes my recipe┬á#nosecrets so that you can enjoy this WHEREVER YOU ARE. As I go along we’ll talk about replacement for certain ingredients or variations you could try.

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Aj├ş de Gallina (Chilli Chicken)

Difficulty 2.5/5

You have the good fortune of having in your hands (eyes? screen?) my mom’s recipe of “Aj├ş de Gallina” or chicken chilli, which is a peruvian dish┬ásimilar to┬áa stew, served with potatoes, rice, hard-boiled eggs and olives. It is my absolute favourite peruvian dish, and every time I go home I ask my mom┬áto make it. It is filled with flavour, it has a tinge of spicy and is a real heart warmer. This recipe is quite large because I made it for a dinner at home, so just divide┬áthe quantities :). Hope you enjoy it!
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