Baked brie with pear and fig compote

Difficulty 2/5

Cheese is one of my favourite ingredients; and when I have guests over or want to munch on something nice, I always have some cheese on hand. To make something different though, this time I’ll show you how to make a baked brie with a really easy fig and pear compote. It’s super easy and you can see the step by step on my Youtube channel :).  Continue reading Baked brie with pear and fig compote

Merlot poached pears

Difficulty 1/5

I’ve completely fallen in love with these recipe. The colour that these pears get from the wine poaching and then resting in the liquid is amazing, and then when you taste them, so sweet, soft and complex from the spices, it’s just a complete experience. For the wine I used a Merlot, but you can use any wine you like as long as it’s more sweet than acidic. Try this at home to amaze your guests 🙂

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