Nutella Yule Log

Difficulty 2/5

This recipe for Nutella Yule Log is perfect for Christmas! It reminds me of a recipe that my godmother used to cook for us. It’s a thin vanilla cake that is rolled and filled with Nutella cream and covered in whipped cream, fruits, hazelnuts and honeycomb. Continue reading Nutella Yule Log

Fudgy nutella pie

Difficulty 2/5

So far in my life I have not met anyone to reject a Nutella dose. How could you? It’s simply delicious, smooth, and will definitely drive you nuts (get it? because its made of hazelnuts? ok, lame joke, sorry!). Anyway, I thought, why make a chocolate pie when you can actually make a NUTELLA PIE! It’s really moist and smooth and the dough has a salty tinge that makes it the perfect complement to the sweet sweet Nutella. Enjoy!

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