3 cheese risotto with crispy leeks

Difficulty: 2/5

Risotto is my favourite comfort food. If you’ve never cooked risotto before, then this is the perfect recipe to start with. I used Mozzarella, Gruyère and Parmesan cheese; which really are my favourite cooking cheeses. If you like blue cheese or other strong cheeses, I recommend that you crumble them on top instead of adding them into the risotto as it can be a bit overwhelming. On top of this risotto I put crispy leeks, which are not only really easy to make, but they are also really tasty. I like to put it on my salads and fish also. Continue reading 3 cheese risotto with crispy leeks

Pesto and cherry tomatoes quiche

Difficulty 2/5

Pesto is one of the greatest inventions Italy has for us. It’s very useful for different recipes: pasta, chicken, fillings, toast, sandwiches… we can’t have enough of it. In this case I bring you a quiche that turned out to be amazingly god. The filling has parmesan, mozzarella and of course a recipe of pesto that you can use and change as you like. It doesn’t have to be basil, it could also be spinach, kale, rocket, whatever leafs you like. Instead of pine nuts you could also use pecans, walnuts or almonds… yum! Continue reading Pesto and cherry tomatoes quiche

Artichoke and cheese hot dip

Difficulty 1/5

Nothing beats being welcomed into a home with something warm straight out of the oven. This cheese dip is not only easy and very little trouble to make, but it will have everyone drooling over it (not literally, thank God). When I made it for some friends, it was gone within seconds! And I swear the container was quite big. I served it with these paprika and parmesan crackers that I posted, and they go amazing together. The artichoke goes really nicely with the cheese, and we use a mix of cream cheese, mozzarella and parmesan inside and grated on top… YUMMY! A glass of wine and we’re ready to rumble 😉 Continue reading Artichoke and cheese hot dip

Pesto and mozzarella stuffed breaded chicken

Difficulty: 2/5

This recipe was a really pleasant surprise! I was in bed thinking “hmmm what if I stuff a chicken breast with pesto and mozzarella… ooohhh and I could bread that… with panko! No, panko and walnuts! Yup! I’ll try that tomorrow.” And so I did! It’s a really pleasing combo. The crunchy outside, the melted center, and the nutty flavour from the outside and the pesto too. Also, this pesto recipe you can also use for pasta, sandwiches or anything else your heart desires. I ate this chicken with some brown rice with carrots :).
Continue reading Pesto and mozzarella stuffed breaded chicken