Mini lime cupcakes with surprise raspberry and vanilla frosting

Difficulty 1/5

I made this cupcakes to celebrate that I reached 5,000 followers on Instagram! Yayyyyy! I’m so happy that you like what I post, that you prepare and enjoy it. These cupcakes are so yummy! The cupcake itself is lime and then it has a raspberry inside that kind of melt on its own in the oven, and when you bite into it it’s a great contrast with the sweetness of the cupcake. I made them mini sized because, for me, the muffin size is a bit too much sweetness for me to bear. But if you have a serious sweet tooth, then by all means go for it 🙂 The frosting is cream cheese and vanilla bean, but if you can’t get a hold of a vanilla pod, don’t worry and use vanilla essence. Continue reading Mini lime cupcakes with surprise raspberry and vanilla frosting

Lime and Raspberry Smooth Mousse

Difficulty 2/5

Who doesn’t like mousse? It’s soft, fluffy sweet, and can make your day go from 0 to 100 in one spoonful (too much?). So this double layered mousse came along because my boyfriend wanted lemon mousse, but I wanted raspberry, and so in the end I did both! It was really good! I hope you go ahead and try it. If you fancy only one, you can do double the mousse quantities with the total amount of meringue. To garnish I bought some truffles and just let them sit there, it was absolute perfection.

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