Salmon and spinach lasagna

Difficulty 1/5

I loved this lasagna! The salmon is very delicate and goes amazing with the spinach. Also, for the bechamel sauce we first infused the milk with rosemary, so that the filling then has this light scent of rosemary that goes great with the salmon. It’s really easy to make and it’s quite different from your everyday lasagna. Continue reading Salmon and spinach lasagna

Aubergine, artichoke and mushroom lasagna

Difficulty: 2/5

You don’t always feel like eating meat; sometimes you want something lighter, or just different. Now I bring you a recipe that not because it lacks meat is less yummy. As  a matter of fact, this recipe was a big surprise because I wanted to do a veggie lasagna but I didn’t know what to put in it. So I went to the supermarket and walked around the veggies looking around. Finally I grabbed an aubergine (to me it’s actually a mix between a protein and a vegetable because of its richness), mushrooms, artichoke bottoms (love them!), and a white onion and garlic just for an extra kick of flavour. The end result was AMAZING! I took the pictures while I made it just in case it was yummy, but I was surprised that it was so good  and so here it goes 😉
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