Pan fried gnocchi with almond and pecan pesto

Difficulty 2/5

There’s nothing like home-made gnocchi. If we make them carefully, we can make them super light and delicate instead of really heavy and dense. The part where you need to pay most attention is when choosing and cooking your potatoes. The idea is that they are as dry as possible so that we don’t have to add more flour than is absolutely necessary and so making it less heavy. You’ll love pan-fried gnocchi (if you don’t already) because even though they are still nice and soft inside, on the outside they go nice and crunchy which is really nice. Continue reading Pan fried gnocchi with almond and pecan pesto

Potato gnocchi with dried mushrooms sauce

Difficulty 2/5

The challenge was like this: my brother in law had some “porcón” dried mushrooms ( which come from Cajamarca, a zone at the north of Perú. He wanted me to make a dish with them BADLY and so I thought of making gnocchi. Dried mushrooms, wether they are these, porcini, shitake or most of them, really, acquire a stronger taste that’s very similar to meat. Also, they all require to be hydrated before eating or it’s like chewing on cardboard. This gnocchi recipe doesn’t need to be just for this sauce, you can apply anything on top and hey will still be nice, light and fluffy. Continue reading Potato gnocchi with dried mushrooms sauce

Sweet potato gnocchi

Difficulty 3/5

First of all, I’m really sorry I haven’t posted any recipes lately, but I was extremely busy on my last term at school. Howeeeever I’m compensating with a really nice recipe. Gnocchi are really nice, agreed? Agreed. And so I bring you my recipe for sweet potato gnocchi, which are not only soft and indulgent as the potato ones, but also they’re nice and sweet. I used yellow sweet potato but you’re welcome to use any type you like :). The sauce is browned butter (“beurre noisette” in nice french) with toasted ground walnuts, chopped black olives, slices of basil and reduced balsamic vinegar… YUM!!! Continue reading Sweet potato gnocchi