5 Cocktails with Sparkling wine

Difficulty 1/5

Now that it’s December and we start organizing gatherings with friends and family to celebrate the upcoming holidays, I feel that sparkling wine is the best to say “cheers” with. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to drink it on its own, right? In this post I bring you 5 cocktails (some even with gin) that you can make in your gatherings for something more fun and different. The sparkling wine I used is Asti, which is quite sweet, so if you don’t find this one, ask which other you could use that is sweet. I did this so you don’t have to make sugar syrups all the time but rather use the sweetness contained in the wine. Before you start, make sure that your wine is VERY VERY COLD. Continue reading 5 Cocktails with Sparkling wine

Churros with chocolate sauce

Difficulty 2/5

So my story with churros is one of terror and despair. I was looking for an egg-less churro recipe as are original Spanish churros. I tried two that supposedly worked and they both failed me! The amount of flour that it had was so much that it was impossible for the water to absorb it and I ended up with endless goops of useless dough. In the end I gave up (on those recipes) and decided to go with my own proportions, and after two tries I got it!! I like to pipe them nice and thin so they’re not so doughy and definitely with chocolate sauce to dip in 🙂 Continue reading Churros with chocolate sauce

Pork loin stuffed with pecans and mushrooms sauce

Difficulty 3/5

This pork recipe is really tasty! The only difficult part and the only reason this recipe is 3/5 is the filling of the pork loin, but it’s worth it to learn how to do it. Once you ge tthe hang of it, you can use it to stuff different things and it’s very useful. The mushroom sauce goes amazing with it, and with some rice to soak in it, it’s just a dream come true. Continue reading Pork loin stuffed with pecans and mushrooms sauce

Grapefruit panna cotta

Difficulty 1/5

It’s been a while since I started to like grapefruits. Before I thought that it was very bitter until I tried them with caramelized sugar on top and I loved it. Since then I’ve been thinking about how it would do amazing in a panna cotta (and you can use any citrus for this recipe, although if it’s more sour, you need more sugar) and have it joined by segments of caramelized grapefruit. It doesn’t only look great (you can use any mould or ramekin you have at home) but it also has an amazing and delicate flavour 🙂 Continue reading Grapefruit panna cotta

30min Raisin scones

Difficulty 1/5

I’ve been living in England for more than a year now and one of the things I love the most is its tea times. I think the idea of eating small pies, pastries, sandwiches and … SCONES in the middle of the afternoon is a brilliant idea. And all this accompanied by a lovely tea. So yeah, I had to do a scone recipe, and this one takes only 30min. I’ve eaten a whole bunch and this one is really nice because even if it’s crumbly (as it should) it’s not dry but nicely moist in the middle, which I achieved on the second try of the recipe after some tweaks. Also, I love the sweetness of the raisins in this dough, but they are completely optional 😉 Continue reading 30min Raisin scones

Cream of mushrooms

Difficulty 1/5

I looooove mushrooms! I like them with pasta, in sadwiches, with eggs, pan fried, baked, stuffed… I could continue! But I specially love cream of mushrooms. This time I used white button, shitake and portobello. What’s nice about this mix is that the first are really mild and the others have a much more concentrated flavour. The combination is amazing, and it’s even better when cooked with rosemary. ¡Yummy! Continue reading Cream of mushrooms

Leek, spinach and potato soup

Difficulty 1/5

Days are getting colder here in London and that means soup season is ON! I love soups in a cold weather, it’s like a hug from the inside. And this one is particularly tasty: mild onion taste from the leek, amazing refreshing taste from the spinach, and it’s all rounded up by the texture brought by the potatoes 🙂 Continue reading Leek, spinach and potato soup