Christmas cookies

Difficulty 2/5

I must say that, in general, my experience decorating cookies hasn’t been very good. One of the main reasons is because I’m really impatient (“uh…. that should work”) and the other reason is that I didn’t know some tips that are very useful to get rid of the urge to toss the tray of cookies in the bin. Continue reading Christmas cookies

Teatime Shortbread cookies

Difficulty 1/5

Who doesn’t love it when you go to a cafeteria and you get your coffee with a lovely cookie on the side? I know, right? So instead of reserving this privilege to your coffee outings, why don’t you make them at home for your every hot drink? These are super easy, super cute and of course, super tasty! No wonder they didn’t even last a week at my place. Give them a go 😉
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