Cookies and ice-cream sandwich

Difficulty 1/5

In summer or winter, these chocolate chip cookies filled with vanilla ice-cream are my doom. The cookie recipe is really impressive on its own (I made them for some friends and let’s say it didn’t even last 2 hours in the gift bag), and it works perfectly with the ice-cream because they are soft and melt in your mouth; so when you bite the sandwich the ice-cream doesn’t go everywhere. Try it at home 🙂 Continue reading Cookies and ice-cream sandwich

Triple chocolate oatmeal cookie bars

Difficulty 1/5

If it has oatmeal it counts as breakfast, right? These bars are A-MA-ZING. Addiction warning though, because once you have one is hard to stop yourself for more. And because one set of chocolate chips is not nearly enough, I used white, milk and dark chocolate chips, which are optionally joined by toasted hazelnuts. The dough is nice and soft but the oatmeal and hazelnuts add a nice crunch. If you can’t get chips, use chocolate couverture and chop into small squares. Enjoy these beauties 🙂 Continue reading Triple chocolate oatmeal cookie bars

Teatime Shortbread cookies

Difficulty 1/5

Who doesn’t love it when you go to a cafeteria and you get your coffee with a lovely cookie on the side? I know, right? So instead of reserving this privilege to your coffee outings, why don’t you make them at home for your every hot drink? These are super easy, super cute and of course, super tasty! No wonder they didn’t even last a week at my place. Give them a go 😉
Continue reading Teatime Shortbread cookies

Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)

Difficulty: 2/5

“Alfajores” is what we call in Peru these sugar cookies filled with something similar to caramel / dulce de leche (only 195 times better)! I particularly like this version heavy on cornflour and little regular flour, they are more delicate in my opinion. They are really delicious and it’s reallyyyy hard to eat just one, so bear that in mind if you want to make these and are having guests over. When I did this recipe for 50 alfajores for 8 people, they were gone within 20 min. Continue reading Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)