Tasty baked chicken wings

Difficulty 3/5

I love chicken wings. Grilled, pan-fried, oven baked. What’s yummy about them is that you can eat them with your hands yet it’s still be socially acceptable. They always hace a nice sauce with them and this time it’s no exception. I marinated them in several spices that make them so yummy. That part is really easy. It gets complicated if you want to make your wings one-biters by just one pull of the teeth like I did; there’s some butchery to be made. However, if this is too complicated for you, you can always just cook them whole, and they’ll be as yummy. With what was left of the wings I made chicken stock 🙂 I’ll leave the recipe also.
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Creamy chicken with wine and rosemary

Difficulty: 1/5

With this recipe you’ll run out of excuses to cook something delicious, and you deserve it, too! It takes 20min and it’s guaranteed to make you flip. It’s really tasty and aromatic and goes amazing with white rice that gets soaked in the sauce… wow, I want to eat it all over again! So now you know, time is no longer a limit. Continue reading Creamy chicken with wine and rosemary

Cashew chicken

Difficulty: 2/5

Cashews are probably my favourite nut in the whole wide world. If there’s a dish with them on the menu, I’m ordering them for sure! This dish is really nice and fresh, I ate it with garlicky rice #peruvianstyle and it was marvelous. I promise you will love it. Continue reading Cashew chicken

Pesto and mozzarella stuffed breaded chicken

Difficulty: 2/5

This recipe was a really pleasant surprise! I was in bed thinking “hmmm what if I stuff a chicken breast with pesto and mozzarella… ooohhh and I could bread that… with panko! No, panko and walnuts! Yup! I’ll try that tomorrow.” And so I did! It’s a really pleasing combo. The crunchy outside, the melted center, and the nutty flavour from the outside and the pesto too. Also, this pesto recipe you can also use for pasta, sandwiches or anything else your heart desires. I ate this chicken with some brown rice with carrots :).
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Crunchy lettuce wraps

Difficulty 2/5

What’s not to love about lettuce wrap? It’s carb free, crunchy, fresh, and reaaaally tasty.I’ve done different versions of lettuce wraps through the years and this one is definitely my absolute favourite, so I’m sharing it with you! I do some pickled sweet cucumbers to go with it, it’s a nice surprise in the bite adding some extra freshness and sweetness. I fed some friends with this and there was absolutely nothing left and they all took a nap afterwards, so I call that “I think they liked it” LOL. Here it goes, hope you nap to it too 🙂

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Chicken liver paté with honey nectarines

Difficulty 1/5

I absolutely LOOOOOVE paté. If there´s some on the table or in the fridge, I’m definitely going to find it. So why not make some? I realize that I say I love everything, but I guess that happens when you love food in all its shapes and forms (ok maybe not ALL of them). This paté goes amazing with these sweet and tangy oven baked nectarine slices, such a nice mouthful!

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Ají de Gallina (Chilli Chicken)

Difficulty 2.5/5

You have the good fortune of having in your hands (eyes? screen?) my mom’s recipe of “Ají de Gallina” or chicken chilli, which is a peruvian dish similar to a stew, served with potatoes, rice, hard-boiled eggs and olives. It is my absolute favourite peruvian dish, and every time I go home I ask my mom to make it. It is filled with flavour, it has a tinge of spicy and is a real heart warmer. This recipe is quite large because I made it for a dinner at home, so just divide the quantities :). Hope you enjoy it!
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