No-bake passion fruit cheesecake

Difficulty 2/5

This passion fruit cheesecake is my new obsession. I had never done a no-bake cheesecake before and I’m not disappointed at all. It’s so smooth and rich it had me head over heels. I did it in a springform pan, which required me to freeze it and then unmould it, but I like it because you actually get to see the layers. If you don’t fancy the extra work, just like a pie mould with the crackers and butter all the way around the mould and then just put the filling inside and into the fridge. You won’t be able to un-mould it though :). Continue reading No-bake passion fruit cheesecake

Lord-have-mercy Cheesecake

Difficulty 2/5

I absolutely love cheesecake. I’ve done tons of recipes over the years and finally decided to come with one myself mixing the things I’ve learned from the others. What I love about cheesecake is its texture. When you put it in your mouth it must feel like you’re eating a piece of cloud, really silky smooth, and then a salty buttery crust to contrast. I don’t turn my oven to full heat to prevent cracks, so a longer cook but such a better result! No flour or cornstarch needed whatsoever. Here we go!

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