Mini post : honeycomb

Difficulty: 1/5

This honeycomb is a nice sweet I learned to eat in London. It’s caramel but you add bicarbonate of soda and it reacts creating lots of bubbles. It’s amazing because then we get all the flavour from the caramel without breaking your teeth. Great to top ice-creams, to cover with chocolate, to put on cakes. And it’s soooo easy but it also impresses quite a lot. Continue reading Mini post : honeycomb

Bread pudding with brioche and caramel sauce

Difficulty 2/5

Ohhhhh bread pudding. I think that as years have gone by it’s become infamous as dessert made out of stale bread. However, now we know it doesn’t have to be that way; my brioche was nice and fresh. It also doesn’t have to be something stiff full of egg and dry. I present to you then my bread pudding recipe which is a bit different. To start I do a caramel base (like on a creme caramel) to give it layers of different flavours, and the sausa… THAT SAUCE MY GOD… it’s too good. I was changing it a bit this time, and when I tried it I wanted to go for a swim in it. So here goes my bread pudding with caramel sauce 🙂 Continue reading Bread pudding with brioche and caramel sauce

“Suspiro de limeña” or sigh of a woman from Lima

Difficulty 2/5

After sighing all night, I give you this classic and delicious recipe of “suspiro de limeña”. This is a typical peruvian dessert, specifically from Lima, made of a caramel of sorts at the bottom (like a light dulce de leche) topped with port-flavoured meringue. It’s impossible not to have at least one spoonful, and will specially captivate those with a sweet tooth. It’s called a sigh of a woman from Lima since it’s supposed to be as sweet as soft as one. You get the picture, we girls from Lima are amazing ;). Also, it’s really good that it needs to be stored in the fridge so that you can make the bottom the day before and then just finish with the meringue the day after. Continue reading “Suspiro de limeña” or sigh of a woman from Lima

Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)

Difficulty: 2/5

“Alfajores” is what we call in Peru these sugar cookies filled with something similar to caramel / dulce de leche (only 195 times better)! I particularly like this version heavy on cornflour and little regular flour, they are more delicate in my opinion. They are really delicious and it’s reallyyyy hard to eat just one, so bear that in mind if you want to make these and are having guests over. When I did this recipe for 50 alfajores for 8 people, they were gone within 20 min. Continue reading Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)