Easy peasy Irish soda bread with parmesan cheese

Difficulty 1/5

Bread… what an amazing invention. That smell of bread that just came out the oven is completely irresistible. Given that right now I’m in Dublin, I thought it was apropiate to share this recipe with you. It’s soooo easy! It doesn’t even need yeast; it’s actually called soda bread because it uses bicarbonate of soda and baking powder. It’s more compact than a yeasted bread but it’s completely exquisite. I love to toast it and put some butter on it… YUM! As always, it’s my version of the recipe with some changes I like in my baked goods, like the parmesan cheese. You can also put raisins instead or nuts if you want it on the sweet side. Continue reading Easy peasy Irish soda bread with parmesan cheese

Lime and poppy seeds pancakes

Difficulty 1/5

Oh my God these pancakes! They are so fluffy, tasty, and to be honest, they don’t even need that maple syrup. Although, who would say no to maple syrup? Not me. I also added a bit of yogurt to the mix, which I find results in a really really moist pancake. If it works with cakes, why not with pancakes! I chose lime over lemons because I find that the lemon pancakes don’t really taste of lemon, you hace to search for it. These are clearly limey. So here goes the recipe :)!  Continue reading Lime and poppy seeds pancakes

Baked eggs with cheesy bechamel and spinach

Difficulty 2/5

This breakfast dish is really something. The mix of the cheesy bechamel sauce at the bottom with the slow cooked baked eggs (or cocotte eggs) and spinach is really tasty and special. If you have a special occasion coming up, you might think of surprising someone with this. You could even do the bechamel sauce the night before and thin it down the next day with a bit of hot water. Serve it with a piece (or pieces!) of toast and tea or coffee… yum! A breakfast to remember. Continue reading Baked eggs with cheesy bechamel and spinach

Eggs Benedict

Difficulty 2/5

Smooth, creamy, just delicious all around! What’s not to love about eggs benedict? It makes a good breakfast, brunch, lunch and hell, why not, a good dinner too! It’s definitely on the top of my egg dishes’ list, so here’s how I make it!

Continue reading Eggs Benedict