Fudgy and chocolate-y brownies

Difficulty 1/5

Everyone needs a go-to recipe for brownies, and my absolute favourite are the fudgy, gooey ones. To eat one and feel how it just melts in your mouth is absolute perfection. You can use this as a base and then add whatever you like: chocolate chips (milk, dark, white), nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds), fudge, caramel, etc! The sky is the limit. Brownies are generally easy and this one is not the exception. The only critical point is the cooking degree, it has to be just enough so that a skewer comes out clean from the center and any longer will cook out the gooey-ness, but other than that it’s a piece of cake… I mean, brownie. As a cool idea, it’s nice to give a gift of the dry mix in a nice container and include instructions for the rest 🙂 Continue reading Fudgy and chocolate-y brownies