Cashew chicken

Difficulty: 2/5

Cashews are probably my favourite nut in the whole wide world. If there’s a dish with them on the menu, I’m ordering them for sure! This dish is really nice and fresh, I ate it with garlicky rice #peruvianstyle and it was marvelous. I promise you will love it. Continue reading Cashew chicken

Asian flavours salmon papillote

Difficulty 2/5

Oh my god this salmon, oh my god! If you’ve never tried salmon this way, it’s so smooth, the texture remains smooth and moist, not flaky and dry like it turns sometimes if not correctly cooked. A papillote is basically cooking inside paper or foil in the oven, usually accompanied by liquid so that it’s cooked by the steam within the chamber. Thus, it’s a great experience when you open it at the table and the fragrance comes out to greet you. This time I marinated the salmon in soy sauce, ginger and lemon grass and cooked it with it. YUM! And to go with it we did some sticky long grain rice with peanuts and broccoli that we cooked and then pan fried with garlic, ginger and sesame oil. YUM!!!!

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