Bread pudding with brioche and caramel sauce

Difficulty 2/5

Ohhhhh bread pudding. I think that as years have gone by it’s become infamous as dessert made out of stale bread. However, now we know it doesn’t have to be that way; my brioche was nice and fresh. It also doesn’t have to be something stiff full of egg and dry. I present to you then my bread pudding recipe which is a bit different. To start I do a caramel base (like on a creme caramel) to give it layers of different flavours, and the sausa… THAT SAUCE MY GOD… it’s too good. I was changing it a bit this time, and when I tried it I wanted to go for a swim in it. So here goes my bread pudding with caramel sauce 🙂 Continue reading Bread pudding with brioche and caramel sauce

Irresistible brioche french toast

Difficulty: 1/5

What better way to start a day than with an amazing breakfast? I think that this one is worth saving for the weekend for a real in-bed treat with some netflix on. Brioche is a perfect bread for french toast because it’s mostly butter, so it becomes very rich once we soak it in our milk and eggs. Also, it’s better if you let it go stale for a while so it is able to absorb even more. So since it’s monday, you can do your shopping now and let it get dry for a bit, and if not, it will be amazing anyway. Let’s crack on!

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