The perfect hot chocolate

Difficulty 1/5

This hot chocolate is too yummy. It’s not just dissolved cocoa but actual melted dark chocolate with milk. It’s the kind that you find in European Christmas markets and I LOVE IT. You’ll specially like it if you’re into chocolate. I like it with whipped cream (if I’m cheating my diet I do it all the way!) and marshmallows. I also tried it with also marshmallows and it works amazing as well. Continue reading The perfect hot chocolate

Granola with nuts and honey bunches

Difficulty 1/5

In case you haven’t noticed, I LOVE breakfast. And I don’t know if you know, but I’m lactose intolerant. It’s not that bad, but the one thing that’s hard for me to tolerate is yoghurt. But as the world goes on, there’s now LACTOSE FREE AND SOYA YOGHURT! So yoghurt has made a comeback in my life and now I eat it all the time. What I love most is to have it with berries and granola in my breakfast 🙂 So now I bring you my recipe for granola with honey and nuts. The honey makes the granola bunch up and I LOVE that. Try it 🙂 Continue reading Granola with nuts and honey bunches

Easy peasy Irish soda bread with parmesan cheese

Difficulty 1/5

Bread… what an amazing invention. That smell of bread that just came out the oven is completely irresistible. Given that right now I’m in Dublin, I thought it was apropiate to share this recipe with you. It’s soooo easy! It doesn’t even need yeast; it’s actually called soda bread because it uses bicarbonate of soda and baking powder. It’s more compact than a yeasted bread but it’s completely exquisite. I love to toast it and put some butter on it… YUM! As always, it’s my version of the recipe with some changes I like in my baked goods, like the parmesan cheese. You can also put raisins instead or nuts if you want it on the sweet side. Continue reading Easy peasy Irish soda bread with parmesan cheese

30min Raisin scones

Difficulty 1/5

I’ve been living in England for more than a year now and one of the things I love the most is its tea times. I think the idea of eating small pies, pastries, sandwiches and … SCONES in the middle of the afternoon is a brilliant idea. And all this accompanied by a lovely tea. So yeah, I had to do a scone recipe, and this one takes only 30min. I’ve eaten a whole bunch and this one is really nice because even if it’s crumbly (as it should) it’s not dry but nicely moist in the middle, which I achieved on the second try of the recipe after some tweaks. Also, I love the sweetness of the raisins in this dough, but they are completely optional 😉 Continue reading 30min Raisin scones

Lime and poppy seeds pancakes

Difficulty 1/5

Oh my God these pancakes! They are so fluffy, tasty, and to be honest, they don’t even need that maple syrup. Although, who would say no to maple syrup? Not me. I also added a bit of yogurt to the mix, which I find results in a really really moist pancake. If it works with cakes, why not with pancakes! I chose lime over lemons because I find that the lemon pancakes don’t really taste of lemon, you hace to search for it. These are clearly limey. So here goes the recipe :)!  Continue reading Lime and poppy seeds pancakes

Chia chocolate pudding

Difficulty 1/5

Chia is a funny little seed. When in contact with humidity, they hydrate and increase in volume, leaving a feeling similar to tapioca when you bite into them. Chia is also an amazing source of nutrients, and at the same time contains a really low calorie count.  They are also loaded with antioxidants, fibre and protein. This mix makes it helpful in the search of losing weight :O! And if this wasn’t enough for you to eat a whole kilo of these magical seeds, they help improve certain blood markers which help decreasing the chances of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In this case we make a pudding out of them (since they soak up the chocolate milk) and top them with fruit and honey 🙂 Continue reading Chia chocolate pudding

Sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls

Difficulty 2/5

I have to say cinnamon rolls are my favourite treat to go with my coffee. Years ago I used to order them in Starbucks and would LOVE them so much, and then they changed provider and now they’re dry and awful. Point is, I was aiming for those I used to like, so I actually did 3 batches and was really glad about the end result (3 time’s the charm!). I aimed for the dough to have a great taste as well as the sugar filling or if not it’s just basically a dish for melted sugar, and finally I got it :). Don’t be scared because they have yeast in them, they are actually quite easy to make and I promise you will ADORE the end result.  Continue reading Sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls