Incredible Bolognese sauce

Difficulty 2/5

My aunt (and godmother) does a death by lasagna recipe (and I mean DEATH). And what it’s all about is the sauce. So I thought what don’t I take this, twist it my way and turn it into a bolognese sauce? So I did! And it was amazing, hearty, with lots of textures and flavour profiles. We use pancetta, sausage, beef, carrots, thyme, bayleaf… yum! So you basically just have to invest like 30min to prepare all of the ingredients and then another 15min to put them to cook and then leave it on its own for an hour. So it’s pretty easy for the amount of taste that comes out of it (and OMG the SMEELL!!!!!!). I hope you like it! Eat it with your favourite pasta 🙂

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