Really Easy Caprese Risotto

Difficulty: 2/5

This amazing risotto is creamy and fresh at the same time! If you love risotto this is one for you. It’s really easy to cook and your family and friends will love you for it. Eat with a glass of wine on the side ;). It’s ideal to do your own chicken stock, but if you’re in a hurry you can skip that and use vegetable cube instead and it will work as good.

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Tangerine drizzle cake

Difficulty 1/5 

Tangerines are amazing, they are sweet and sour, juicy and packed with flavour. So of course, they are a great option as a main ingredient to a cake :). Because we soak it in the end with tangerine juice with some lemon juice as well, it is almost like biting into a tangerine! It’s perfect to eat with a coffee or tea.

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Christmas Special: The Sweet Potato

Difficulty 1/5

As long as I can remember sweet potatoes have been present in my Christmas dinner, usually in the form of a casserole where they were made into a puree and then topped with marshmallows that were then golden in the oven. Even though I love this version, I have to say they have me pretty bored so I decided to give the recipe a twist. Here we have slices of sweet potatoes, cooked in the oven in chicken stock and topped with butter for a nice glaze on top. YUM!!!!

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Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)

Difficulty: 2/5

“Alfajores” is what we call in Peru these sugar cookies filled with something similar to caramel / dulce de leche (only 195 times better)! I particularly like this version heavy on cornflour and little regular flour, they are more delicate in my opinion. They are really delicious and it’s reallyyyy hard to eat just one, so bear that in mind if you want to make these and are having guests over. When I did this recipe for 50 alfajores for 8 people, they were gone within 20 min. Continue reading Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)

Artichoke and cheese quiche

Difficulty 2/5

A couple of weeks ago they taught me in school how to make quiche and we devoured it in one night with my boyfriend. After that, I decided I needed to make one with artichokes because YUM. Also, I was really excited by my new pie mould (which I first used on the last post for my Fudgy Nutella Pie) I think the most difficult part is to do the dough but in all it’s ok. So here’s the recipe I learned with my own little twist :).

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Fudgy nutella pie

Difficulty 2/5

So far in my life I have not met anyone to reject a Nutella dose. How could you? It’s simply delicious, smooth, and will definitely drive you nuts (get it? because its made of hazelnuts? ok, lame joke, sorry!). Anyway, I thought, why make a chocolate pie when you can actually make a NUTELLA PIE! It’s really moist and smooth and the dough has a salty tinge that makes it the perfect complement to the sweet sweet Nutella. Enjoy!

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Butternut squash soup

Difficulty 1/5

It’s autumn, it’s getting chilly, days are darker,  you might even be down with a cold.. don’t you just fancy soup all the time? Me too! One of my favs is butternut squash soup because it’s really nice and sweet and the texture you get from it is really heart-warming too. Just to give it a twist I added some basil strings, some toasted nuts and parmesan cheese because WHY NOT! And to enhance a bit more the flavours, the soup also contains some leek (much softer than the other option: onion) and carrot to enhance the sweetness in the squash.

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