Panko Avocado with Homemade Honey Mustard

Avocado is one of my favourite ingredients. Not only is it soft and creamy, but it also has an incredible flavour that lets itself be combined with others. In this case, I breaded them with panko (a super crunchy japanese breadcrumb) and cooked them in the oven. You can also fry them ;). As a dip I made a homemade honey mustard (takes literally 2min) and you can use it not only as a dip but also as a dressing, for sandwiches and wraps. Continue reading Panko Avocado with Homemade Honey Mustard

Spinach, avocado, crunchy prosciutto, pomegranate and pistachio salad

Difficulty 1/5

– So you want salad?
– Of course! It looks amazing
Salad should not only be on your Christmas table to reduce the guilt factor, we have to enjoy it as well! Make it yummy, full of flavour, with sweet, crunchy and colourful components. What I like the most in this salad are the crunchy prosciutto pieces. It goes really crunchy, like bacon would (although I don’t fancy bacon that much :O) but thinner and more delicate. I also mix 2 dressings: one made of lime, a bit of mustard and olive oil and another one which is balsamic glaze or reduced balsamic vinegar which has a nice sweetness to it. Continue reading Spinach, avocado, crunchy prosciutto, pomegranate and pistachio salad

Asian flavours salmon tartare

Difficulty 1/5

This is definitely one of this dishes that you would order in a restaurant and say to yourself “I would never be able to do this”, but actually it’s extremely easy to do. I love the sauce for this one, it’s tasty to an extreme and makes the softness of the salmon come through. The avocado, as it’s fatty like the salmon, makes the mouthful very pleasurable, and the slightly sour sauce with the spring onions and shallots makes it a perfect dish :). It’s very fresh and should be serves really cold with some nice toasts. Continue reading Asian flavours salmon tartare

Roasted Silverside empanadas with avocado and cheese

Difficulty 2/5

Ever since I was little this beef stew has been a CLASSIC dish at my peruvian home. Homemade stew, made with love, for a Sunday lunch with the family. Meat that falls appart, with a sauce that goes SO nicely with rice, and usually with sweet potato on the side. But it’s so nice that I don’t get why it’s usually considered an average dish, it’s just because us peruvians are used to consider it a dish only to be eaten at home. I made the stew the night before my dinner and then the next day I did the dough that I got from Gaston Acurio’s Facebook, cut the cheese and avocado and that’s it! Into the oven 😀 Continue reading Roasted Silverside empanadas with avocado and cheese

Herbed topside of beef with avocado purée

Difficulty 1/5

This topside recipe is really easy yet impressive. You can do it with any cut of meat that you like as long as it’s a lean cut: filet, sirloin, rump, etc. The avocado purée is really easy too, basically requires you to blend everything and that’s it! Besides from that I put some rocket leaves with a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette and some black olives. It’s truly delicious, and the meat results really tender and tasty from the herbs. You could also choose some potatoes or rice to go with it if you prefer. Any leftovers make great sandwiches, btw! Continue reading Herbed topside of beef with avocado purée