Asian flavours salmon tartare

Difficulty 1/5

This is definitely one of this dishes that you would order in a restaurant and say to yourself “I would never be able to do this”, but actually it’s extremely easy to do. I love the sauce for this one, it’s tasty to an extreme and makes the softness of the salmon come through. The avocado, as it’s fatty like the salmon, makes the mouthful very pleasurable, and the slightly sour sauce with the spring onions and shallots makes it a perfect dish :). It’s very fresh and should be serves really cold with some nice toasts. Continue reading Asian flavours salmon tartare

Cashew chicken

Difficulty: 2/5

Cashews are probably my favourite nut in the whole wide world. If there’s a dish with them on the menu, I’m ordering them for sure! This dish is really nice and fresh, I ate it with garlicky rice #peruvianstyle and it was marvelous. I promise you will love it. Continue reading Cashew chicken

Baked quinoa and veggie spring rolls

Difficulty 2/5

The result of this recipe truly astounded me. I wanted to make spring rolls, but not the traditional ones so I started thinking what I could do to make them extra interesting. And so I decided to add quinoa! And also, I used filo sheets (fillo? phylo? Still don’t know how to write it!) instead of rice because I think it’s easier to find in most countries, and so this way you see that they are as amazing as the rice ones. I will also give you the recipe for this amazing dip so that you can indulge non-stop. I think the “difficult” part is to roll the dough and handle it. Depending on the sheets you buy, they can be very delicate or more prone to dryness.
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Crunchy lettuce wraps

Difficulty 2/5

What’s not to love about lettuce wrap? It’s carb free, crunchy, fresh, and reaaaally tasty.I’ve done different versions of lettuce wraps through the years and this one is definitely my absolute favourite, so I’m sharing it with you! I do some pickled sweet cucumbers to go with it, it’s a nice surprise in the bite adding some extra freshness and sweetness. I fed some friends with this and there was absolutely nothing left and they all took a nap afterwards, so I call that “I think they liked it” LOL. Here it goes, hope you nap to it too 🙂

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Asian flavours salmon papillote

Difficulty 2/5

Oh my god this salmon, oh my god! If you’ve never tried salmon this way, it’s so smooth, the texture remains smooth and moist, not flaky and dry like it turns sometimes if not correctly cooked. A papillote is basically cooking inside paper or foil in the oven, usually accompanied by liquid so that it’s cooked by the steam within the chamber. Thus, it’s a great experience when you open it at the table and the fragrance comes out to greet you. This time I marinated the salmon in soy sauce, ginger and lemon grass and cooked it with it. YUM! And to go with it we did some sticky long grain rice with peanuts and broccoli that we cooked and then pan fried with garlic, ginger and sesame oil. YUM!!!!

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Chicken and veggie fried rice

Difficulty 2/5

In Perú we eat fried rice all the time, although in a different style than the original Chinese recipe; we call it “arroz chaufa.” Chinese immigrants made their grand arrival to Perú in the 19th Century, and they would work in coastal cotton farms mostly. Now they are a main contributor to Perú’s economy and certainly to our gastronomy. Here I give you my version of “arroz chaufa” with courgettes, bell peppers and mushrooms. It’s not difficult at all to make, it’s just that you need to prepare certain ingredients before actually adding them to the fried rice, but other than that it’s pretty straight forward. Hope you enjoy it!

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