Cranberries, pecans and almonds rice pilaf

Difficulty 1/5

Welcome to my first Christmas Special 2016 post! I LOVE Christmas; when December arriver and I star seeing decorated houses, shops, christmas fairs and all that, I have a tingly sensation in my stomach from excitement (although now we get decorations starting in May! LOL). The first recipe I’m going to share with you is this delicious rice pilaf with almonds, pecans and cranberries. It also has orange zest that gives it an extra special flavour. The difference between a normal rice and a pilaf is that it’s cooked in stock rather than just water, making the rice absorb all this extra flavour. Continue reading Cranberries, pecans and almonds rice pilaf

Chocolate & vanilla MACAROONS!

Difficulty 4/5

There are people who really don’t understand what the fuzz is about macaroons. They think they are pretty, but “meh” flavour-wise. To those people I say: try these! These are sweet, almondy, just beautiful! I specially love the chocolate ones (because duh) but the vanilla ones are also super delicate and refined. I promise that if you follow my directions (this is one to follow them!), you’ll get a very pretty result :). I recommend you read everything first and understand it and then go ahead and do it. Continue reading Chocolate & vanilla MACAROONS!

Teatime Shortbread cookies

Difficulty 1/5

Who doesn’t love it when you go to a cafeteria and you get your coffee with a lovely cookie on the side? I know, right? So instead of reserving this privilege to your coffee outings, why don’t you make them at home for your every hot drink? These are super easy, super cute and of course, super tasty! No wonder they didn’t even last a week at my place. Give them a go 😉
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