Mini Lemon Pie

Difficulty 1/5

This is a cute way to serve lemon pie, and also an excellent way to cook dessert for few people without leaving half the mould for you to finish later! Because you know you would! I was actually craving something sweet but because my boyfriend is in London and I’m in Santiago right now I knew a whole mould would be waaaay too much. It is an extremely easy dessert to make and nice to taste too as it has 3 distinctly different textures. Hope you enjoy it!

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Caramel apple pie

Difficulty: 3/5

This apple pie is so good I’m craving it just from seeing the pictures again! It’s super moist and the crust is very buttery almost like a cookie. If you don’t feel like doing the crust (the difficult part) you can buy a pre-made crust, but I assure you this crust is perfect for some sweet caramel apples!

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