Teatime Shortbread cookies

Difficulty 1/5

Who doesn’t love it when you go to a cafeteria and you get your coffee with a lovely cookie on the side? I know, right? So instead of reserving this privilege to your coffee outings, why don’t you make them at home for your every hot drink? These are super easy, super cute and of course, super tasty! No wonder they didn’t even last a week at my place. Give them a go 😉
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Apple, cardamom and cinnamon blondies

Difficulty 1/5

I love blondies because they are sweet, moist, and simply delicious! As you might already know, I also love apple, so yeah! And I had some powdered cardamom at home that I hadn’t used so far so I thought I’d give it a go at this combo. They work really really nice together, I promise that once you start eating these you won’t be able to stop! You can also add chocolate chips, remove the apples, add nuts, anything you like! The world is your oyster. Continue reading Apple, cardamom and cinnamon blondies

Lemon & blueberry bundt cake

Difficulty 1/5

This recipe is really easy, extremely moist, sweet, and lemony. It’s so good that it lasted less than a day in my house (we’re only 4 here… and I didn’t eat any!). I promise you will treasure this recipe for ever. You can even make changes to it to make whole new recipes: add nuts, change the fruits, sprinkle icing sugar instead of a glaze, etc! There’s no limit 🙂

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Cinnamon and walnuts apple pie


Difficulty: 3/5

This apple pie is honestly the best I’ve tasted so far. The apples remain with a bit of a crunch (so they’re not mushy or almost purée), it’s sweet, with a semi-salty crust, crunchy from the walnuts and crust, and really fragrant from the apples and cinnamon. It’s truly one to do for your loved ones (or even better, for yourself!). Warm it up a bit before eating and enjoy the amazing taste of this apple pie 🙂

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Tangerine drizzle cake

Difficulty 1/5 

Tangerines are amazing, they are sweet and sour, juicy and packed with flavour. So of course, they are a great option as a main ingredient to a cake :). Because we soak it in the end with tangerine juice with some lemon juice as well, it is almost like biting into a tangerine! It’s perfect to eat with a coffee or tea.

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Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)

Difficulty: 2/5

“Alfajores” is what we call in Peru these sugar cookies filled with something similar to caramel / dulce de leche (only 195 times better)! I particularly like this version heavy on cornflour and little regular flour, they are more delicate in my opinion. They are really delicious and it’s reallyyyy hard to eat just one, so bear that in mind if you want to make these and are having guests over. When I did this recipe for 50 alfajores for 8 people, they were gone within 20 min. Continue reading Alfajores (cookies filled with gooey caramel)

Caramel apple pie

Difficulty: 3/5

This apple pie is so good I’m craving it just from seeing the pictures again! It’s super moist and the crust is very buttery almost like a cookie. If you don’t feel like doing the crust (the difficult part) you can buy a pre-made crust, but I assure you this crust is perfect for some sweet caramel apples!

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