Sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls

Difficulty 2/5

I have to say cinnamon rolls are my favourite treat to go with my coffee. Years ago I used to order them in Starbucks and would LOVE them so much, and then they changed provider and now they’re dry and awful. Point is, I was aiming for those I used to like, so I actually did 3 batches and was really glad about the end result (3 time’s the charm!). I aimed for the dough to have a great taste as well as the sugar filling or if not it’s just basically a dish for melted sugar, and finally I got it :). Don’t be scared because they have yeast in them, they are actually quite easy to make and I promise you will ADORE the end result.  Continue reading Sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls

Chunky orange marmalade

Difficulty 2/5

When life gives you oranges… make marmalade! Literally life gave me lots of oranges (in the form of my neighbour’s tree dropping them on my side of the wall), and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make an amazing, chunky marmalade and show you how to deal with citruses and getting the most flavour out of them. Usually, you get more of an orange jam rather than a proper marmalade, made with orange juice and really light. This one, however is made with both the pulp AND the skin, treated in such a way that it’s not bitter at all but rather soft and sweet. It takes more work, that’s correct, but it’s sooo worth it! Eat it with toasts, cheese, cocktails, anything your heart desires. Or, change the fruit to another citrus and repeat 🙂 I hope you love it as much as I do!

P.D. It makes a great gift Continue reading Chunky orange marmalade

Spectacular banana bread with walnuts

Difficulty 1/5

I’ve been wanting to do a banana bread for you guys for a while now, and I finally got around to make it. I love it because the fact that it has banana pulp inside makes it really moist, and also the fact that I cook them in butter first makes the banana extra sweet. It’s perfect for your daily cup of coffee or tea and the walnuts really help to give a nice crunch that I love to have in almost everything I cook. I hope you like it 🙂 Continue reading Spectacular banana bread with walnuts

Cheese tart with honey baked peaches

Difficulty 1/5

This tart is really nice and simple. The crust is special because it has almond chunks, which work so so good with the cheese and fruits. The peaches are baked with honey and lemon so this way they don’t oxidize and are nice and shiny for days. Of course you can replace them with any fruits you like, or add chunks of another nut, or several types of nuts, or none at all! The cheese we use here is cream cheese, but it could also be mascarpone or cottage 🙂 Continue reading Cheese tart with honey baked peaches

Mocha meringue kisses with chocolate ganache filling

Difficulty: 2/5

I’ve noticed lately certain craze for meringue kisses. And honestly, it makes sense because they are tiny, cute, and sweet. So obviously I had to put my version up :). First, I thought to make the meringues of coffee and a ganache filling, but then I decided also to add cocoa powder to the meringue to make them mocha flavoured :O! They were so good! If you don’t want to make them this tiny (mine where 1.5cm diameter) you can make them bigger or even make baskets, whatever you like! Just be mindful that you will need to bake them longer. I use italian meringue because it’s the one that has the smallest bubbles inside (making the meringue kisses tighter) and also it’s firmer than the swiss to make a nice tip.  Continue reading Mocha meringue kisses with chocolate ganache filling

Paprika and parmesan crackers

Difficulty 2/5

Why would you buy crackers for your appetizers when you can make them yourself? They are SO much better than the ones found at the store, really tasty, different, and a perfect complement for your cheeses, olives, etc. And with this you can now sense that these crackers absolutely rock! If you have a food processor, the dough will take you 15min and then 10min to bake. Faster than going to buy some! I made these for a family gathering and they were gone within SECONDS because they were far too yummy, they were even eating them by themselves and I was like “hello, you’re missing the point… I bought cheese!” So now you know, you might even want to consider these as an appetizer on its own hahaha. There goes the recipe! Continue reading Paprika and parmesan crackers

Chocolate & vanilla MACAROONS!

Difficulty 4/5

There are people who really don’t understand what the fuzz is about macaroons. They think they are pretty, but “meh” flavour-wise. To those people I say: try these! These are sweet, almondy, just beautiful! I specially love the chocolate ones (because duh) but the vanilla ones are also super delicate and refined. I promise that if you follow my directions (this is one to follow them!), you’ll get a very pretty result :). I recommend you read everything first and understand it and then go ahead and do it. Continue reading Chocolate & vanilla MACAROONS!