Spinach, avocado, crunchy prosciutto, pomegranate and pistachio salad

Difficulty 1/5

– So you want salad?
– Of course! It looks amazing
Salad should not only be on your Christmas table to reduce the guilt factor, we have to enjoy it as well! Make it yummy, full of flavour, with sweet, crunchy and colourful components. What I like the most in this salad are the crunchy prosciutto pieces. It goes really crunchy, like bacon would (although I don’t fancy bacon that much :O) but thinner and more delicate. I also mix 2 dressings: one made of lime, a bit of mustard and olive oil and another one which is balsamic glaze or reduced balsamic vinegar which has a nice sweetness to it. Continue reading Spinach, avocado, crunchy prosciutto, pomegranate and pistachio salad

Best salad ever: Panzanella!

Difficulty 1/5

If you’re like me, your favourite part of a salad with croutons is… well, the croutons. And that’s exactly what Panzanella is made of! It’s an italian salad where the main ingredient is bread (I know, it’s not made for those “I have a wedding this weekend” meal plans), and then it’s surrounded by Italy’s best: mozzarella cheese, olives, and tomatoes. I used ciabatta for the croutons because it’s super crunchy when toasted and stays that way for long, which is crucial when you then add a liquid vinaigrette. And to top it all up, I made a vinaigrette with olive oil, lime juice and chopped red bell pepper, which gives it a nice boost of flavour. Also, once you taste these croutons, you’ll never make them any other way 😉 Continue reading Best salad ever: Panzanella!

Pumpkin and kale salad with almonds and poppy seed lemony mayo

Difficulty 1/5

I’ve been looking forward to post a salad for a while and finally I am! Salads for me must be interesting, not monotone or simply a mix of ingredients. Sometimes when we make them at home we just chop and mix, and this becomes boring very easily. Therefore I bring you something different: kale (which is very firm and meaty in a way), pumpkin (roasted, soft and sweet), almonds (crunchy and toasted) and a mayonnaise vinaigrette with lemon and poppy seeds (acidic and tasty :D). So here we go! Eat this by itself or with your favourite protein. Continue reading Pumpkin and kale salad with almonds and poppy seed lemony mayo

Christmas Special: The Salad

Difficulty: 1/5

Can you hear the Christmas bells? I love Christmas and so I’m excited to present to you my christmas special yipeee!! So I’m going to take you through the recipe I did for a christmas dinner with a couple of friends and that I’m reproducing for my family on Christmas. This salad I think is fantastic because it’s sweet (from the balsamic reduction, raisins and apples) and savoury (olive oil, salt, parmesan cheese) and I swear all the components complement each other in your mouth beautifully. Let’s gingle!

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Fresh salad with pesto dressing gone nuts

Difficulty 1/5

This salad is perfect for a sunny day! I love pesto, so adding it to my salad always makes me feel better than just olive oil. This one is special too as I added walnuts and almonds to give it more texture and flavour. It complements excellent with fresh veggies and makes salad less boring 🙂

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