5 Cocktails with Sparkling wine

Difficulty 1/5

Now that it’s December and we start organizing gatherings with friends and family to celebrate the upcoming holidays, I feel that sparkling wine is the best to say “cheers” with. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to drink it on its own, right? In this post I bring you 5 cocktails (some even with gin) that you can make in your gatherings for something more fun and different. The sparkling wine I used is Asti, which is quite sweet, so if you don’t find this one, ask which other you could use that is sweet. I did this so you don’t have to make sugar syrups all the time but rather use the sweetness contained in the wine. Before you start, make sure that your wine is VERY VERY COLD. Continue reading 5 Cocktails with Sparkling wine

Mulled wine

Difficulty 1/5

I loooove mulled wine. The first time I discovered it I was in Prague with thermal sensation of -11°C and believe me when I say I was endlessly thankful for its heat. However, besides warming up my hands and making a small heat source in my stomach, I loved how it tasted! It’s sweet and with lots of complex flavours: cinnamon, star anise, cloves, orange, lemon… too yummy! It might look a bit anticlimatic if you live in a place where it’s summer right now, but my new fantasy is to have this in a cold camping night at the beach or in a terrace 😀 Continue reading Mulled wine

Peruvian Pisco Cocktails

It’s Perú’s independence day yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Pisco is our signature drink and it’s super versatile! I love using it to flambé food, to make certain desserts and of course to drink! Today I give you a mini post showing you different drinks you can make to indulge the peruvian in you: raspberry and blueberry mojito, a classic lemon “chilcano” and finally a passion fruit pisco sour. Give them all to me in a jug any day ;). Viva el Perú! Continue reading Peruvian Pisco Cocktails