Crostini 2 ways

Difficulty: 2/5

Crostinis are a really easy and cute way to impress the eye and taste buds without having to dedicate endless hours of your time in the kitchen. Today I bring you two combinations: pesto + prosciutto and ricotta + walnut praline. Both are delicious and I’m sure that you’ll love them. In total it took me about half an hour to make everything and I swear they were superb. Also, if you like ricotta and pesto, you can store these mixes for future salads and/or sandwiches. Where you need to be most careful is in the making of the caramel, specially if you don’t have much practice at it, since it could turn too brown and taste a bit bitter. Apart from that, it’s really simple. Continue reading Crostini 2 ways

Whole wheat leek quiche with confit cherry tomatoes

Difficulty 2/5

Who could say no to a piece of quiche? No one! Chances are even slimmer if it has Parmesan and Gruyere cheese. The combination with the confit cherry tomatoes, who turn really sweet, goes amazing. On the other hand, leek quiche is probably one of my favourites, and if you don’t particularly like it, you can use this recipe as a base for any vegetable you like ;). The dough has whole wheat in it and honestly the flavour does change, it makes it much richer than just with common flour. I think it’s completely worth trying and it’s an amazing option for any day: summer, winter, rainy or sunny :). You might also be interested in my artichoke hearts quiche. Continue reading Whole wheat leek quiche with confit cherry tomatoes

Barbecue bites

Dificultad 1/5

– What if we get together and have a barbecue?
– Sure, but everyone bring something
Next thing you know, everyone arrives with the same thing: sausages or beef. Why do we have to be so boring when there are so many delicious things we can make in a grill? OK, I like sausages as much as the next person, but knowing that everyone is bringing the same thing, let’s us make something different ;). Today I bring you two very simple recipes of chicken wings with soy sauce and honey, and mushrooms with garlic and oregano… so YUMMY when grilled! I was going out of town for the day so I made them the night before and let them marinade until the next day. When I opened the container it smelled glorious! Continue reading Barbecue bites

Artichoke and cheese hot dip

Difficulty 1/5

Nothing beats being welcomed into a home with something warm straight out of the oven. This cheese dip is not only easy and very little trouble to make, but it will have everyone drooling over it (not literally, thank God). When I made it for some friends, it was gone within seconds! And I swear the container was quite big. I served it with these paprika and parmesan crackers that I posted, and they go amazing together. The artichoke goes really nicely with the cheese, and we use a mix of cream cheese, mozzarella and parmesan inside and grated on top… YUMMY! A glass of wine and we’re ready to rumble 😉 Continue reading Artichoke and cheese hot dip

Paprika and parmesan crackers

Difficulty 2/5

Why would you buy crackers for your appetizers when you can make them yourself? They are SO much better than the ones found at the store, really tasty, different, and a perfect complement for your cheeses, olives, etc. And with this you can now sense that these crackers absolutely rock! If you have a food processor, the dough will take you 15min and then 10min to bake. Faster than going to buy some! I made these for a family gathering and they were gone within SECONDS because they were far too yummy, they were even eating them by themselves and I was like “hello, you’re missing the point… I bought cheese!” So now you know, you might even want to consider these as an appetizer on its own hahaha. There goes the recipe! Continue reading Paprika and parmesan crackers

Roasted Silverside empanadas with avocado and cheese

Difficulty 2/5

Ever since I was little this beef stew has been a CLASSIC dish at my peruvian home. Homemade stew, made with love, for a Sunday lunch with the family. Meat that falls appart, with a sauce that goes SO nicely with rice, and usually with sweet potato on the side. But it’s so nice that I don’t get why it’s usually considered an average dish, it’s just because us peruvians are used to consider it a dish only to be eaten at home. I made the stew the night before my dinner and then the next day I did the dough that I got from Gaston Acurio’s Facebook, cut the cheese and avocado and that’s it! Into the oven 😀 Continue reading Roasted Silverside empanadas with avocado and cheese

Brie with pecans, figs and honey

Difficulty 1/5

This is a mini recipe post, just an idea that you can easily try with your next guests or dinner, no fuzz but it looks really impressive. You can eat this with your favourite crackers 😉 Continue reading Brie with pecans, figs and honey