Fresh pasta

Difficulty 3/5

To make fresh pasta is spectacular. To be honest it’s not difficult; you just have to be mindful to the details and tips that I put on this post and on the video. This recipe is perfect to start making your own past if you’ve never done this before or if you want something neutral for a nice sauce, or even for lasagna. It’s way better than the store-bought version and so the time invested in it is completely worth it.

Portions: pasta for 3

– 300g all purpose flour
– 100g eggs
– 50g egg yolk
– 1/2 tsp salt
– 15ml olive oil

1. Sieve the flour and salt, just to make sure that there are no impurities in it.
2. If you have a food processor, put everything in and give it a mix until the dough in homogeneous. If not, make a whole in the centre of the flour and add the rest of the ingredients in the centre. Mix with a spatula, incorporating the flour little by little.
3. Eventually the spatula will not help to mix anymore and you will have to go in with your hands, applying pressure to help the dough come together; first in the bowl and then on the table. It’s a workout, but it’s completely worth it.
4. Wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30min. At this point you can save it for 3 days in the fridge or a week in the freezer.
5. Cut half the dough and flatten it using flour and a rolling pin enough so that it can go through the thickest setting of the pasta machine.
6.  When it has gone through, make sure it’s no longer than 20cm or then you’ll end up with an extremely long pasta sheet.
7. When you have gone through half the settings, for the pasta in 3 and start again from the thickest setting. This helps strengthen the dough so that then we can cook it properly. Go through the settings until you reach 1mm thick. More that that it will be too doughy and less than that will disintegrate in the pot. You won’t necessarily use the thinnest setting on the pasta machine.
8. If you’re making lasagna, stop at this point and just cut it to length. I’m making fetuccini so I’m using the machine’s accessory to cut it.
9. Now we need to dry the pasta for about half an hour. This step is particularly important to achieve the al dente cooking afterwards. You don’t need a pasta hanger, you can use anything, even a clean clothes hanger. Some people even lay it on a table to dry, but the result is a bit more wrinkly.
10. We now cook it in boiling water with a tbsp of salt. Fresh pasta only needs 1 or 2min to be cooked al dente.
11.  Mix with your favourite pasta and you’re done!

I hope you liked this, try it a home and tell me how it went! Bon appetit!

Fresh pasta.pngcaptura-de-pantalla-2017-01-14-a-las-13-40-24follow-me-para-posts

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