Mini post : honeycomb

Difficulty: 1/5

This honeycomb is a nice sweet I learned to eat in London. It’s caramel but you add bicarbonate of soda and it reacts creating lots of bubbles. It’s amazing because then we get all the flavour from the caramel without breaking your teeth. Great to top ice-creams, to cover with chocolate, to put on cakes. And it’s soooo easy but it also impresses quite a lot.

Portions: 150g honeycomb

– 175g sugar
– 4 tbsp golden syrup, corn syrup or glucose
– 3 tbsp water
– 1 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda

Very fast and quick: we boil everything until it reaches 150C (you need a sugar thermometer) or until it goes to a dark golden shade.captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-06-a-las-8-18-57-p-mAt that point we put in the bicarbonate of soda which we first sieved to make sure it doesn’t have any lumps. Turn off the heat and transfer CAREFULLY (it’s soooo hot!)the sugar onto a tray lined with baking paper. Wait for it to cool down completely and then smash it with the back of a knife or cut it into shapes.captura-de-pantalla-2016-12-06-a-las-8-19-50-p-m

Done!! It’s super versatile. If you have some leftovers, keep them in a sealed container so it doesn’t start to melt with the moisture in the environment.


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Chef Lorena

Hello! My name is Lorena Salinas and I’m a chef. I absolutely love to cook and eat. Discovering new techniques, styles and ways to apply it to things that I already know gets me really excited. I really look forward to seeing people cook my recipes or even make them better than I originally did. Welcome to my food world! For info and collaborations e-mail

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