Tasty baked chicken wings

Difficulty 3/5

I love chicken wings. Grilled, pan-fried, oven baked. What’s yummy about them is that you can eat them with your hands yet it’s still be socially acceptable. They always hace a nice sauce with them and this time it’s no exception. I marinated them in several spices that make them so yummy. That part is really easy. It gets complicated if you want to make your wings one-biters by just one pull of the teeth like I did; there’s some butchery to be made. However, if this is too complicated for you, you can always just cook them whole, and they’ll be as yummy. With what was left of the wings I made chicken stock 🙂 I’ll leave the recipe also.

Portions: 18 chicken wings

– 18 chicken wings
– 50ml apple or cider vinegar
– 1/4 tsp chili powder
– 30ml soy sauce
– 30ml sesame oil
– 1/8 tsp powder cinnamon
– A good pinch of dry oregano
– 1/2 tsp powder cumin
– 1/4 tsp salt
– 1/2 tsp paprika

Optional for garnish
– Sesame seeds
– slices of chili
– Sliced chives

1. Here goes the wing treatment. A chicken wing consists of 2 ball and socket joints. First we have to dislocate them by bending them back and forth. In the picture below you can see how the bone dislocates from the join farthest away from the wing’s tip. Cut the skin and meat between these bones.
img_24462. The other joint, that’s closer to the tip of the wing, dislocates the same way but you get 2 bones behind. Cut along the joint again.img_2452At this point it should look like this:img_24493. Now we push back the meat and pull the thinner bone. If it doesn’t come straight out, twist it a bit. Then reassemble your wing so that it’s nicely shaped. Also, I cut the flappy piece of the wing if it’s too big.img_24504. Mix all the sauce’s ingredients and marinade the wings for at least 3 hours in the fridge. With what’s left of the wings, I made a chicken stock with 100g of onion, 100g of carrot and 100g of celery, 2 bayleaves and a pinch of salt. I gently boiled it for 4 hours on low heat. Then I skimmed the fat off the top and pass it through a sieve 🙂img_24545. This go in the oven at 180C for 20min each side.

They’re dooooooone! They go with their decorations of sliced chives, chili and sesame seeds. A bit of lemon juice also tastes amazing! I hope you like this 🙂


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Chef Lorena

Hello! My name is Lorena Salinas and I’m a chef. I absolutely love to cook and eat. Discovering new techniques, styles and ways to apply it to things that I already know gets me really excited. I really look forward to seeing people cook my recipes or even make them better than I originally did. Welcome to my food world! For info and collaborations e-mail cravingsjournal@gmail.com

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