Pesto and cherry tomatoes quiche

Difficulty 2/5

Pesto is one of the greatest inventions Italy has for us. It’s very useful for different recipes: pasta, chicken, fillings, toast, sandwiches… we can’t have enough of it. In this case I bring you a quiche that turned out to be amazingly god. The filling has parmesan, mozzarella and of course a recipe of pesto that you can use and change as you like. It doesn’t have to be basil, it could also be spinach, kale, rocket, whatever leafs you like. Instead of pine nuts you could also use pecans, walnuts or almonds… yum!

For the pesto:
– 40g basil leaves
– 40g pine nuts or pecans
– 20g parmesan cheese
– 80ml olive oil
– 1 galic clove
– salt and pepper to taste

For the quiche:
– 5 sheets of filo pastry, or if ou prefer to make the typical quiche dough, go to this post
– 4 tbsp olive oil
– 150g cherry tomato + 20ml olive oil
– pesto from above
– 1 egg + 2 yolks
– 175ml whipping cream
– 125ml milk
– 50g mozzarella cheese
– 50g parmesan cheese
– salt and pepper to taste

1. First we’re going to cook the cherry tomatoes so they release their juices before putting them into the quiche, where we don’t need them. They go to the oven at 180C with salt and olive oil for 15min approximately or until they have swolen and softened. Then remove them and let them cool down completely.
2. The pesto! We put everything in the blender or food processor, but first grate finely the parmesan and garlic. This helps prevent getting any large lumps of garlic in your pesto, making it a bitter bite.img_19453. Grate the parmesan and mozzarella for the filling and mix it with everything else. Filling ready!
img_1947img_19484. The filo pastry is super delicate and tends to dry, so we have to help it out. Normally we use melted butter to paint on top of each layer, but this time since we’re using peso and tomatoes I decided to use oliva oil. Paint on one layer and then put another on top. Do this until you have 5 layers, the last of which does not need painting. You’ll realize that now that it has the oil it’s easier to handle.img_1949img_19505. Put the filo layers over you quiche mould and lift up the edges and help it to go into the corners of the mould by pushing down.img_1953img_19546. Then put the filling so it helps you push downwards and cut the pastry with a sharp knife using the edge of the mould.img_19557. Put the cherry tomatoes on trying to not let them sink in. This goes into the oven at 140C for 40min or until the knife comes out without anything sticking to it (unless it’s cheese). Let it cool down almost completely before cutting and that’s it! You can serve it with a bit of salad on the side.

How about that, did you like it? There’s no losing with this combination, I was completely in love!img_2031img_2061img_2040img_2048img_2043img_2066img_2052img_2058follow-me-para-posts

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