Rice Pudding

Difficulty 1/5

Last week I had over some friends and cooked ají de gallina and for dessert rice pudding. So there are many versions of rice pudding around the world, this is the one I’m used to and what we eat in Peru. I really love it, it’s sweet and has really good texture! Also love the cinnamon and clove aroma it has while cooking, it takes me back several years! Hope you enjoy it!

Portions: 10

– 1 cup long grain rice
– 3 cups evaporated milk
– 1&1/2 cups condensed milk
– 1 egg yolk
– 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
– 7 cloves
– pinch of salt
– 1 tsp ground cinnamon

1. First we need to cook the rice. For 1 cup of rice you need 4 cups of water. Cook until very smooth, take it a bit further from “al dente” as you would to accompany salty food, so that it will be smooth when you bite onto it in the pudding.
2. On the other hand, we need to prepare the milk mix that’s going to surround our rice. Put in a large pan the evaporated and condensed milk along with the cinnamon, cloves and vanilla essence and turn on the heat to medium. Move around with a wooden spoon (this is relevant), and here’s where the aromas start rising :).
3. You need to check the density in order to know at what point you need to stop cooking the milk. First, it will come to a boil. Check the density by soaking the spoon and running your finger through the back. You’ll notice that the shape you make does not stick. Keep going.
4. You need to stop when the thickness is like this:
If you notice, now the milk is holding the shape I made with my finger. Here I stopped, fished out the cloves and added the rice.
5. To make it extra smooth, we add an egg yolk, which you first put through a strainer so the fiber surrounding it does not alter the texture of the pudding. When you add it, it will cook immediately so be careful to give it a good energetic stir as soon as it enters the pudding.
6. Now it’s ready! Leave outside to cool and then into the fridge, where it will gain its final consistency.

Voilá! Serve pretty and enjoy 🙂


Published by

Chef Lorena

Hello! My name is Lorena Salinas and I’m a chef. I absolutely love to cook and eat. Discovering new techniques, styles and ways to apply it to things that I already know gets me really excited. I really look forward to seeing people cook my recipes or even make them better than I originally did. Welcome to my food world! For info and collaborations e-mail cravingsjournal@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Rice Pudding”

  1. Oh my goodness, wow!! I made some in the slow cooker last week and while it was yummy it did not have that creamy gooey consistency! I also added vanilla bean essence.. I am soooo going to try your recipe next time!


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