Lord-have-mercy Cheesecake

Difficulty 2/5

I absolutely love cheesecake. I’ve done tons of recipes over the years and finally decided to come with one myself mixing the things I’ve learned from the others. What I love about cheesecake is its texture. When you put it in your mouth it must feel like you’re eating a piece of cloud, really silky smooth, and then a salty buttery crust to contrast. I don’t turn my oven to full heat to prevent cracks, so a longer cook but such a better result! No flour or cornstarch needed whatsoever. Here we go!

Portions: 25cm (10″) springform cake pan. You can use a smaller pan resulting in a higher cheesecake.

For the crust:
– 250g chortbread crackers (or graham if you can’t get a hold of them), crushed (use food processor, blender or man power via a rolling pin with the cookies inside a bag)
– 4 tbsp butter, melted
– 1/2 tsp salt
For the filling:
– 750g cream cheese (full fat, please!)
– 1 cup granulated sugar
– 1/2 cup single cream
– 1 tsp vainilla essence
– 4 eggs
For the topping:
– 180g cream cheese
– 1/2 cup single cream
– 4 tbsp icing sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 170C (300F) and start with the crust. Take the crushed crackers and mix them with the melted butter and salt until you get an even mix.
2. Butter your cake pan. I use a bit of butter held by some kitchen paper.
3. Put it inside the cake pan and push to form the crust. You can use your fingers, or the back of your measuring cup like I did.
4. Surround the pan with baking aluminium foil, trying to make it as permeable as you can.
5. Take that and put it onto a baking dish or plate (hopefully with some depth) and into the oven. Immediately add boiling water to the dish or plate, so that the cake pan is surrounded by a hot water lake. Pleeeease be careful not to burn yourself with the hot oven! (I know I do all the time)
6. Leave it there for 10min or until golden:
7. Now for the filling, first take the cream and cream cheese and beat until smooth and silky
8. Add the rest of the ingredients and beat until fluffy again
9. Pour the mix onto your crusty crust, fight the need to stick your tongue in the stream of goodness.
10. Take it back to the oven, refilling the water if some has evaporated. Now, you can skip the water step completely if you don’t feel like it, but it does make it smoother.
11. Leave it there for 30min. You will notice it will start turning gold on the top, thats perfect! Even have some speckles of darker gold? Perfect! It’s been 2min and now its really golden? Ok then you must turn down the heat! Just have a feel for it. Once it’s done, open the oven door and let it cool there for 15min, then take it out to cool some more. When you take it out, it will be a golden and still wobbly in the middle, that’s just perfect. Put a knife around the edges of the pan to prevent it cracking while cooling.
12. After it’s at room temperature, put it in the fridge for at leat 3 or 4 hours, ideally overnight, but I get that normally you will want to eat it the same day! Next, we’ll do the topping, which is meant to be slightly sour to contrast the sweetness from the cheesecake. You just have to beat all the ingredients (I even did it by hand) and then put it in the fridge until the cheesecake is cool enough to handle it.

We’re all done!! Serve pretty and enjoy!!

Published by

Chef Lorena

Hello! My name is Lorena Salinas and I’m a chef. I absolutely love to cook and eat. Discovering new techniques, styles and ways to apply it to things that I already know gets me really excited. I really look forward to seeing people cook my recipes or even make them better than I originally did. Welcome to my food world! For info and collaborations e-mail cravingsjournal@gmail.com

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