Borough Market classics 2×1 (crunchy meats!)

I love food as you know, and love it in every presentation. One of my favourites is street / market food, so I decided to do this “Food Market Saturdays” section to show you what’s good out here in London! This Saturday I visited Borough Market which is my absolute favourite and because it’s my first post in this section I bring you a 2×1 promo! Pork Belly Sandwich from “Roast” and Duck Confit Sandwich from “Le Marché du Quartier”. I guess the only constructive criticism that I can give is that the sandwich bread is normally cold and un-toasted. For me, the bread is as important in a sandwich as the content, but still, these two are great & delicious finds in Borough Market 🙂

1. Pork Belly Sandwich – Roast
In case you don’t know, Pork belly is a cut from the pork (duh) which is found in the belly (duh). It is known for having a high grease content, which can be very nasty UNLESS cooked correctly so that the fat layer becomes a super crunchy delicious piece of salty heaven.

In Roast, it is served inside a piece of bread, which is first coated in apple sauce. This is perfect since the apple sauce makes a great contrast with the saltiness of the pork belly. You’ll love the crunch it makes when you bite it!

IMG_7761 IMG_7767

2. Duck Confit Sandwich – Le Marché du Quartier
So, duck confit is a french preparation typically made with the duck’s legs, which are marinated in salt, garlic and herbs and then cooked in its own fat. In this stand you can eat it with salad, in a wrap or in a sandwich. In the wrap or sandwich they put in some caramelized onions and lettuce as well (YUM!). The thing about the meat being cooked in its own fat is that it gets crunchy and full of flavour, and so this is a must stand to visit if at Borough Market.

IMG_7769 IMG_7776 IMG_7782

That’s it for now and stay tuned for more Food Market Saturdays! Enjoy!

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Chef Lorena

Hello! My name is Lorena Salinas and I’m a chef. I absolutely love to cook and eat. Discovering new techniques, styles and ways to apply it to things that I already know gets me really excited. I really look forward to seeing people cook my recipes or even make them better than I originally did. Welcome to my food world! For info and collaborations e-mail

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